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“Tootin' My Own Horn”

As one of the very few musicians performing both jazz and non-jazz (club date) engagements in the South Florida area, I suggest that you consider using my talent and experience for your music and entertainment needs. I have been  a musician/band leader for many years.
Following a “hitch” in the US Navy and graduation from the University of Miami, I formed and led The Village Stompers; known for the hit record “Washington Square”. During the 60’s, we traveled throughout the US and toured Canada and Japan. We played concerts, nightclubs, colleges, hotels, etc., and made recordings for Epic, Atlantic, and Phillips. Appearances on TV included The Tonight Show (NBC), The Jimmy Dean Show (ABC-three times), Hootenanny (ABC), On Broadway Tonight (CBS) and The Mike Douglas Show (15 times).
Since the 70’s, I have become established playing “gigs” as described herein. My bands include some of the finest musicians in the area. As you can see, I play several instruments and am quite versatile. If you call and a man answers, don’t hang up.
Thank you for your interest.

Frank Hubbell 
CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)

P. S. Remember my policy:  “Requests played while you wait”

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Single, Combos & Big Band
Single, Combos & Big Band

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